Thursday, July 25, 2024

SARVAM UCS – Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises

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Unified communications is designed to eliminate the barriers that have traditionally separated voice calls, email, instant messaging and conferencing in all forms. Once all these communication media are carried over a common IP network, it is possible to manage them from a single point and use them with common devices. In today’s fast-moving enterprise environment, the size of mobile workforce is rapidly increasing. Employees are never at one place for long and can be just anywhere: at office, between appointments, on business tour or working from home. Unified communications can be an effective tool for extending collaborative technologies beyond the company network in order to better support todays and future business activities and objectives.

Matrix SARVAM UCS is a powerful communication solution that provides enterprises with integrated mobility and unified messaging which help enterprises improve collaboration among all employees, irrespective of its size and geographic location. With business application for Android, iOS and Windows PC, employees can use their own device (smartphones/tablets) for personal and professional purposes, no matter where they are, in the office or working remotely. Businesses can also benefit by eliminating the cost of business-owned devices. Matrix SARVAM UCS, with its advanced call capabilities and comprehensive features ensures that enterprises (BFSI, Manufacturing, Corporates, Call Centres, etc.), hospitals and hotels-motels are more agile, alert and aptly empowered to do more.

Furthermore, it has interface with all-pervasive legacy and new-generation wireless telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, GSM/3G and VOIP for the obvious benefits of protecting the existing investment and facilitating during natural migration to the new-age IP infrastructure. Matrix SARVAM is designed for interoperability, to help enterprises evolve from what they have got today, with the agility that is required to address tomorrow’s communication requirements.

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SARVAM UCSKey features:-
• Scalable up to 2000 UC Users
• Unified UC Clients
• Unified Messaging
• Unified Networks
• Mobility: Android, iOS and Windows PC
• Presence, IM, Video Calling
• Voice Mail, Email to SMS, Drag and Drop Conference

SARVAM UCS is a revolutionary step in technology as it is focused on Mobility, Collaboration, Versatility and Reliability. With Unified Communications and IP at its Core.



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