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Virtual Reality Training Gloves That Provide Rapid Haptic Feedback

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A VR glove that can be used in conjunction with a VR headset, has been created which promises to deliver a better workforce training and skillset development 

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It is always a good practice to prepare oneself before carrying out tasks that are deemed to be unsafe or tricky. Tasks such as flight control, excavation, electrical/mechanical related works and such require utmost skills and attention to details in order to leave no room for error. However, lack of proper training and skillset lead to mismanagement of things that further cause huge losses.

Presenting the Forte Data Gloves, the first of its kind VR glove that enables safe and realistic simulation for workplace training. Its great graphic features and processing power provide quick haptic feedback for high-end VR experience. This ensures users that users get a feel of their natural environment without actually being present in it. Besides workforce training, this hi-tech technology also facilitates a unique gaming experience across several gaming platforms.

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Instantaneous response

Developed by BeBop Sensors, a leader in smart fabric technology, the Forte Data Gloves come with a processing speed of 160MHz that provides an instantaneous response under six milliseconds. Its long battery life helps provide reliable accelerometer and gyro-sensor data using a 9 degree IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) feature.

For obtaining accurate, real-time feedback data, 6 haptic actuators are located on four fingertips, the thumb and the palm. Up to 16 haptic sound files can be placed on the glove. New files can be rapidly uploaded using low-latency Bluetooth and USB networks.

Other features include it being wireless for easy portability, a robust SDK for multiple gestures and languages and open palm design that makes the glove lightweight, comfortable and breathable for seamlessly performing grabbing and waving hand gestures.

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Keith McMillen, BeBop founder and CEO says, “We’re finding that gloves are useful for more immersive experiences as well as training and education. There’s a lot of useful data we can get from this glove with our one-to-one mapping of your hands and environment.”

Other wide usages

Primarily targeted for enterprises and the gaming sector, the glove is also beneficial for capturing hand gripping data for medical training, remotely controlling objects such as drones using hand motion, UI control for navigating 3D maps, designing and testing products in VR and much more.

The Forte Data Gloves are one of its kind and is being used by some of the popular VR headset technology pioneers such as Oculus Quest, Oculus Link, Oculus Rift S, Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive Cosmos, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Focus Plus and Varjo.

With Virtual Reality set to become huge in the coming times, the presence of such a product will assist product designers to create new and innovative devices that can be used for even more applications.


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