Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What’s Transforming The Smart Vehicle?

The trend of smarter features in cars, points to a world where cars are no longer mere things in the Internet. What is it, that is transforming this segment? Let’s take a look. -- Sneha Ambastha

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Brands Models Price New Technology Associated
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo INR 42,75,000* 1. Electronic vehicle immobiliser and crash sensor
2. BMW condition based system (Intelligent maintenance system)
3. Park Distance control (both rear and front)
4. HiFi Loudspeaker
MINI Cooper S INR 3,150,000* 1. Bluetooth Hands free interface
2. On-board computer
3. Park Distance control (rear)
FORD All New Fiesta INR 747,843* 1. Electronic Power Assisted
2. Voice Control
3. Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Mercedes Benz CLS 1. COMAND APS
2. Hands free call
3. Media Transfer Protocol
4. Intelligent Lighting system
Datsun Datsun GO INR 400,000 1. Smart phone dock station.
Tata Motors Tata Zest INR 700,000* 1. Touchscreen Infotainment system
2. Automatic Climatic Air Conditioning
Audi A3 INR 2,000,000* 1. Two zone climatic model
2. Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
3. Anti lock breaking system
Honda Jazz INR 756,000* 1. Touchscreen system with navigation
Renault Clio INR 700,000* 1. LED daytime running lights
2. Keyless entry
Chevrolet Trax INR 950,000* 1. Bluetooth Audio Streaming
2. Smart phone connectivity through Smart Radio

Advent of Eco-Friendly Vehicles
Adhering to the current requirements of safe driving, government all over the world is planning for an eco-friendly route and an evolution of an eco-friendly driving guideline.

In case of the hybrid vehicles, the in-car navigation system is available along with the eco-friendly functions. Electric vehicles (EVs) brings forward a very new experience with no fuel cost while idling and the energy regeneration possibility during deceleration, because of its energy management from single energy source.

EVs have several advantages over the other vehicles which includes zero emissions, quiet interior, low noise impact on the environment, performance of acceleration due to maximum torque that is available from start-up.

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Demerits too
As the other vehicles, EVs too have some demerits like long charging time which can be overcome with the use of replaceable batteries like any other toy at home. The concept of replaceable batteries is soon to be implemented in the commercial vehicles though it would take a longer time to get implemented in the private cars.

Efficiency Map
EVs use efficiency map to represent the relationship between motor torque and revolution speed so as to improve power consumption by traveling in the most energy efficient condition. The amazing thing with the use of communication modules in EVs, is that information regarding the charge conditions and the charge stations can be easily confirmed remotely with use of just a cell phone or a PC. Owing to the ability of getting charged at home, these types of vehicles can be considered as one of the home’s electric appliance, which has the content storage and fixed point network usage facility because of sensors. There is going to be another addition to the EVs in future with the use of solar panels and wind power as the charging sources, which will decrease the charging insecurities and popularize these types of vehicles in the coming days.

I am not sure if all of us still remember the launch of Electric rickshaws in Delhi, in the year 2010. However, today we see many other electric vehicles like electric trains, electric cars, electric rickshaws and electric scooter on road everywhere. The amazing thing is the variety of shapes and colors these vehicles are present in and the possibility of modification of the interiors as per our choice and consideration.



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