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Video Tutorial: Soldering Tools for Robot Makers in English & Hindi


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A look around you and you would find yourself within the creative waves emitted by Robotic DIYers (Do-it-yourselfers) who had long followed their inner passion, love and dedication for Robotics. Be it school, college or a corporate scenario you will find such passionate people enjoying their hobby-turned-profession to the fullest.

I know you have a query that as Robotics is plug-n-play nowadays why should I need a Soldering Tool at all. And the answer to this is pretty simple, what if you want to give your creativity true wings to fly and reach a million views on YouTube. Plug-n-play according to me is junk in terms of creativity and you learn nothing from it.

Hence in this Video, I would be focussing on your true friends for life – the Soldering Tools. Through this video, I try to make it clear that what soldering tools you need for Robot construction and their other details like how to use them, specifications, tips and a lot more. Robot Soldering tools give you the mental freedom to incorporate creativity to astonishing & amazing levels. Wish you happy & purposeful innovation with these tools.


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