Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Gazebo: Let Your Robots Do The Talking

Ashwin Gopinath, an engineer, enjoys following innovators, Arduinos and migratory birds

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I would say the effects of a great simulator cannot be overstated. Simulators allow the development of robots offline, so that this aspect does not create any downtime on the jobs that the robot might be needed to perform. The whole environment can be projected from a third person point of view, in realistic 3D environments so you feel as cool as George Lucas when he was dreaming up the Storm Troopers.

So while Gazebo is now on your minds as the robotics simulator to try out, I would suggest reading up more on the latest robots available and ensure that you send your little one to any robotic pathfinder competitions so as to keep it fun and innovative. The amount of online documentation on Gazebo is extensive and, as such, is a huge repository of help.

Download latest version of the software: Click here



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