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gSpiceUI: Simulation Program With IC Emphasis

By Priya Ravindran

Prototyping, the design methodology

How does this GUI do what it does? What is the thread that holds its components together and binds these smoothly? Architecture of this application can be explained to a certain extent by five objects this software is modelled based on.

Application Object Model. Containing the main function, this model depicts the top-level application architecture. Entry point to the application is contained in App class of wxWidgets, extending into that of gSpiceUI.

Main Frame Class Object Model. This is the top-level GUI architecture that is the source of all display objects inherited from wxWidgets library’s wxFrame class.

Analysis Class Object Model. Inherited from the widget’s wxNotebook class, this is the model that depicts the class structure of objects that make the notebook with analysis tabs.

Process Class Object Model. It is here that the tasks that the GUI can execute are processed. Inherited from wxWidget’s wxProcess class, objects that form tasks are structured here.

PnlValue Class Object Model. This model depicts the class structure of the display control that handles integer and floating-point numeric values. It puts together library text, spin and choice controls from wxWidget to let you set values via the mouse or keyboard.

Manoeuvre the easy way

With schematics, circuits, logs and files for various analyses, and different files for the two individual simulation engines, the number of files generated or created can be massive. To help you weave through these easily, the naming system of temporary files generated is thoughtfully created, with files specifics included.

The tool bar provides quick access to most-used functions, and these are grouped together according to activity type to make it easier to work with. On the main window, you can find a list of possible test points, analysis settings, console output and a status bar.

SourceForge holds the primary database for this software, which is licensed under the terms of the GNU general-public licence. wxWidget library is a necessary add-on for compiling the sources.

Download latest version of the software: click here

Priya Ravindran is M.Sc (electronics) from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. She loves to explore new avenues and is passionate about writing.



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