Thursday, June 13, 2024

For Those With DSP Skills

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Pay package
The pay package depends upon the skills and expertise of the candidate. “In current market, the average pay package ranges from Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 500,000, depending on the capabilities of the candidate,” informs Kaushal.

Talking about the training programme at Analog Devices India, Giri says, “We have a reputation of going to the top campuses every year and hiring good talent via rigorous written and interview process. On joining Analog Devices, candidates go through a rigorous programme where they use Analog Devices’ DSP processors and program them to gain the necessary knowledge. They implement key algorithms and gain mastery hands-on. On joining a project, they continue to enhance their skill set.”

Adding to that Srinivas says, “In many institutions, software optimisation methodologies are taught only at the postgraduate level. If a fresher has not studied software optimisation methodologies, we provide some on-the-job training in this area.”

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Talking about the training atmosphere at Cadence Design Systems, Shukla shares, “We provide on-the-job training on real-life projects. This is the best training that freshers can get, as they are exposed to real designs and real-world pressures. In addition, we regularly have knowledge sharing sessions where experienced designers discuss projects with the team. We also assign mentors to freshers to guide them while they are new to the job.”

Companies like Broadcom and Sasken provide a basic overview of DSPs, followed by on-the-job training.

Sharing how eInfochips goes about training freshers in the DSP domain, Kaushal informs, “We have eITRA (eInfochips Training and Research Academy) at eInfochips, which is an initiative to narrow the gap between the academia and the industry. It provides special training programmes in the DSP domain. Also, we have project-specific training programmes in groups, which form the second level of the training process.”

To sum up
“DSP domain is growing very fast in India and has a number of lucrative positions and work profiles to offer,”says George. It is challenging, but has a lot of potential to grow. Giri says, “My strong recommendation would be to get a master’s degree in signal processing as it helps one to build a career. Various institutes offer a number of short-term courses. One needs to understand their offerings and make a wise call on the effectiveness of the courses.”

The author is a tech correspondent at EFY Bengaluru


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