Saturday, April 20, 2024

JOB: HVDC Electrical Design – MV & LV Power System Study At Hitachi Energy In Chennai

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Location: Chennai

Company: Hitachi Energy

Technical Project Engineering focuses on a range of engineering disciplines e.g. electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, structural, automation and software engineering. The activities associated with project engineering include discipline engineering and design; planning, risk assessments; and coordination of resources (personnel and equipment). 

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Key areas of responsibility

Engineering development: Ensuring that engineering is developed with complete information and/or that all multidisciplinary information has been included. Leading development of new solutions for complex projects and challenges. Driving completion of all engineering activities on the project. Coordinating engineering discipline across several projects. Providing technical support for testing, installation and commissioning activities. Designing and conducting experiments, analyzing and interpreting the data. Preparing complete project documents in area of responsibility. May act as a design authority for a particular engineering discipline and completes engineering assignments for that discipline. 

  • Providing cost effective quality solutions and delivering within budget and contract. Ensuring adherence to safety standards and mitigation of potential risks. 
  • Creating work plans and cost estimates. Reviewing and approving scope, budget and schedule for assignments. 
  • Interacts directly with customers, officials, contractors and supply chain.
  • An Experienced Professional (P2) applies practical knowledge of job area typically obtained through advanced education and work experience. May require the following proficiency: Works independently with general supervision. 
  • Problems faced are difficult but typically not complex. 
  • May influence others within the job area through explanation of facts, policies and practices.


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