Friday, July 19, 2024

Hardware Engineer I At Honeywell In Bengaluru

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Honeywell

Design solutions to drive safe living and quality of life

Use your knowledge of hardware engineering fundamentals to help Honeywell deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. You will work under immediate supervision and alongside some of the world’s most talented engineers. You will contribute to the development of Honeywell’s next generation of products by designing, testing and/or validating products from prototype to market. You will be part of a group of highly committed professionals who provide expertise and ensure the success of engineering projects and programs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Apply prescriptive methodology to project tasks
  • Collaborate with various engineering functional teams
  • Perform specification review
  • Exchange task level information (system requirements, technical drawings, specifications, etc) with team meambers
  • Communicate any non-compliance incidents to pertinent parties
  • Prepare or update reports and documentation
  • Use computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment
  • Design
  • Test

You Must Have

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a technical discipline such as the sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics

We Value

  • Basic knowledge of hardware engineering standards and specifications
  • Excellent computer literac
  • Ability to focus on important information and identify key details
  • Capability of following guidelines and ensuring efficiency on given project tasks
  • Application of basic engineering techniques to optimize design of products, parts, systems or processes
  • Clear and concise communications
  • Ability to quickly analyze, incorporate and apply new information and concepts
  • Willingness to consistently take the initiative to get things done and do things before being asked by others or forced to by events


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