Monday, October 2, 2023

10 Microcontroller Based Projects You Must Not Miss!

By Atithya Amaresh

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Looking for some microcontroller based projects to work on? Check out this list and let us know which ones you like.

1. Microcontroller-Based Tachometer

A tachometer is nothing but a simple electronic digital transducer. Normally, it is used for measuring the speed of a btating shaft. The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) is valuable information for understanding any rotational system. For example, there is an optimum speed for drilling a particular-size hole in a particular metal piece; there is an ideal sanding disk speed that depends on the material being finished. You may also want to measure the speed of fans you use.

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2. Temperature Indicator-CUM-Controller

Here is an easy-to-construct temperature indicator-cum-controller that can be interfaced with a heater coil to maintain the ambient room temperature. The controller is based on Atmega8535 microcontroller, which makes it dynamic and faster, and uses an LCD module to display and two keys to increase or decrease the set values.

3. Microcontroller-Based Clock Using DS1307

Digital wall clocks, table clocks and desk clocks with pointer or LCD display are readily available in the market. Here we present a clock that can be built in a small budget using AT89C2051 microcontroller. Additional feature of the clock is that the time display is visible even in the dark.

4. Programmable Industrial On-Off Timer With RF Remote

Microcontroller-based embedded systems play major role in industrial automation. One such widely used system is the programmable timer.


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