Thursday, February 2, 2023

Alert System For High and Low Air Pressures

Ashwini Kumar Sinha

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Maintenance of fluid pressure is critical in factories. While high fluid pressure can result in the bursting of pipes, low fluid pressure can create irregular fluid storage and transportation. Having a pressure regulation system can solve that problem. It can alert us of the rising and falling pressure with respect to the threshold pressure level. So today, you will learn to make a smart pressure system that monitors pressure and alerts when any undesired pressure variation is detected. Let’s start the project by collecting the following components

Fig 1.
Fig 2.

Bill Of Materials


First, add the library for HX710b air pressure sensor and download its .zip file. Then go to the  Sketch menu, add its .zip file, select the correct HX710 lib and add it to Arduino.

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 Note that the project utilises Raspberry Pi 2040 chip and Arduino by default. Therefore, go to the Preferences menu and add the following URLs:,,,, 

Now go to Boards Manager, search RP2040 Mbed OS and install it. Next, go to boards and select Raspberry Pi Pico under the Mbed OS option. You are now ready to program RP2040 in Arduino IDE. 


To begin coding, first, initialise the library and then define the pins for DATA and CLOCK lines for the sensor. Here, 0 and 1 pns are used for SCL and DA.   

Next, create a setup function for starting the serial port with baud rate = 9600. and a loop function. Then, send the sensor data to the serial port and set the if condition to verify whether the detected pressure is within the threshold range of threshold. If not, then a buzzer will be triggered to alert regarding any pressure deviation.

Fig 3.


Connect the components as shown in the circuit diagram. Join the sensor input to the fluid pipe for which you want to monitor the pressure and power the sensor using a battery or USB cable. You are now ready to use the completed device for monitoring and getting necessary alerts. 

Circuit diagram for Smart Pressure System
Fig 4: Circuit diagram for Smart Pressure System


Fig 5
Fig 6

Upon powering the device, increase the pressure of the pipe. When it exceeds the threshold level, the buzzer should alert regarding any undesired change. You can also monitor the pressure in real-time using a serial port.




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