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Monday, May 16, 2022

Arduino DIYs

Helpful projects related to the open-source platform called Arduino for electronics enthusiasts.

smart pressure system

Alert System For High and Low Air Pressures

Maintenance of fluid pressure is critical in factories. While high fluid pressure can result in the bursting of pipes, low fluid pressure can create irregular fluid storage and transportation. Having a...
UV steriliser box

DIY: Make Your Own UV Sterilisation Box

Due to coronavirus we are now used to alcohol based sanitisation liquids and sprays but what about disinfecting items like goggles, keys, mobile phone, watch, currency notes, laptop, courier packets, etc...
for Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispensing System

Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispensing System

Hand sanitisation is important to stop spreading Covid-19 and other transmissible diseases. Even touching the container spout is unhygienic, so it is better to deploy an auto-dispenser to sanitise your hands...
Inside view of the prosthetic arm

DIY: Wireless Prosthetic Hand

What if you had an extra pair of hands to carry out tasks somewhere else while you controlled them from another location wirelessly. Seems unrealistic, right? But it’s possible. This project describes...
circuit diagram for optical wattmeter

A Handy Optical Wattmeter

All residential and industrial units have energy meters that show energy consumed by the users. But the power (watts) is not shown by these meters, except by some new models. During measurement,...

Vending Machine For Water and Beverages

Whether for quenching your thirst with water or for simply having fun while consuming soft drinks, daily liquid consumption is an essential part of our lives.To obtain a bottle of water...

Linear Speed Control For DC Motor

Here is a simple, low-cost project to control the speed of a DC motor linearly for specific and precise applications. Normally, pulse-width modulation (PWM) is used for varying the speed of...
Automated Table Lamp Prototype

IoT Based Automated Table Lamp

This is an IoT based Automated table lamp that works in such a way that whenever a person sits on the chair it automatically turns on and when the person leaves...
Touchless Switchboard

4-Channel Touchless Switchboard For The Post Covid World

As Covid-19 is still rampant we need to be cautious. Wearing mask, social distancing, and washing or sanitising our hands properly from time to time is absolutely necessary to avoid it....

Smallest Open-Source Function Generator

A function generator is an essential equipment used by design, and test and measurement engineers as well as DIYers. Most of the function generators available in the market are expensive and...

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