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Cheapest Touchless Water Dispenser

AshwaniA touchless water dispenser uses an IR sensor to detect whether or not a hand/glass is present near it. If detected, then a relay module is automatically triggered that is connected to a solenoid valve. This trigger turns the valve on to start the dispensing of water. 

Here we will also make one more model of automatic touchless water dispenser that can dispense a hand sanitizer or soap along with water. So let’s make our prototype of an automatic touchless water dispenser. 

Touchless water dispenser

Bill Of Material 

First of all we need to collect the following components:

bill of material

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Some extra parts are needed such as a pipe/hose (as per requirement and with a diameter similar to the solenoid valve inlet and outlet).

Construction of Touchless Water Dispenser

Connect the solenoid valve inlet with any water source using any pipe or hose and then connect the components as described below. Here we will connect the power pins of the IR sensor i.e. VCC and -VE to a 5V Battery or to any other DC power source. Here VCC pin of the IR sensor is connected to the +ve pin of the battery or power source and GND is connected to -ve pin of the power source. We will also connect the VCC and GND pins of the relay modules in the same way. Next, the digital out pin of the IR sensor is to be connected to the in the pin of the relay. 

Battery Sensor/Relay
+ve 5V VCC
-ve GND
Relay Sensor
IN1 OUT(Digital Out)
Relay Solenoid
NO (Normally Open) +Ve
12V Power source Relay
+VE Common
touchless dispenser circuit design

Contactless water and sanitizer dispenser

Here we will use the two IR sensors and a 2 channel relay module with solenoids, valve1 and valve2. The digital output pin of the 1st IR sensor is connected to the IN1 pin of the relay module for controlling the 1st relay of the relay module (that triggers valve1 on/off). The digital output pin of the 2nd IR sensor is connected to the IN2 pin of the relay module that triggers valve2 on/off.

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Bill of Material

water and sanitizer dispensor


Now power the device and then put the glass or hand near the IR sensor. When the IR sensor with high input comes near the relay, the plunger is pushed to make contact with NO (Normally open ) and C (common ) and hence the valve turns to on position, therefore allowing the water to flow to fill the glass. When the glass is removed from there, then the valve automatically turns to off position.

If it is working in a reverse way(i.e on when not detect on and when detect off) then try the to connect the valve pin to NC

Ashwini Sinha
Ashwini Sinha
A tech journalist at EFY, with hands-on expertise in electronics DIY. He has an extraordinary passion for AI, IoT, and electronics. Holder of two design records and two times winner of US-China Makers Award.


  1. But sir, this IR sensor (proximity sensor) mal-operate in the sun light. Sun light is having the infra red light waves because of this it not working properly. it valve is turn ON in sun light. I am designing for the entry which is exposed to sunlight or bright day light.
    Please suggest another sensor that will work properly.

  2. To Mr Ashwini Kumar Sinha
    You are trying to make Indians fool by this circuit. Because due day light this circuit malfunctions. You better make the circuit first and then show the results to others.

    • For Outdoor use in daylight, you can use the ultrasonic sensor with a microcontroller. This circuit work well in indoor use, As most of the contactless dispenser that you find the malls and in the washroom uses the IR sensor.
      If you want the circuit for outdoor use in sunlight then you can ask me I will give you the full circuit and code for that.

    • You can use IR FILTERs to protect IR receiver from sunlight or any other unwanted light sourses. Such filters you can see infront of the IR module of your TV, Satellite receiver, Music system etc…. It is type of plastic having a dark colour.

  3. sir what type of solenoid valve is best suited for this automatic hand sanitizer machine, direct acting (which does not require pressure but high operating current) or pilot operated valve ( which need some minimum pressure 0.5bar but less operating current.)


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