Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Building an Advanced Alcohol Breath Analyzer

By Rohan Barnwal

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In today’s world, the devastating consequences of accidents caused by drunk driving continue to make headlines. Drawing inspiration from real-life data, this remarkably advanced alcohol breath analyzer has been developed.

This innovation utilizes an array of components, including the Arduino Uno, Neo 6M GPS module, LEDs, buzzers, OLED display, jumper wires, and breadboard.

The primary goal of this project is to revolutionize road safety by proactively preventing accidents resulting from alcohol impairment. Thus, this project is designed with the intention of preventing such incidents.

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At the heart of this project lies an easily readable OLED display, with the Arduino functioning as a speedometer.

Additionally, LED indicators and buzzers serve as intuitive communication tools. When alcohol impairment is detected by the highly sensitive MQ3 alcohol sensor, and the alcohol level exceeds the threshold value, the LEDs flash, and the buzzer emits distinct sounds.

This alert persists until the reset button is pressed. This ensures that the driver acknowledges his or her impaired state and takes the necessary corrective action.

Furthermore, an optional speedometer can be incorporated into the system to monitor the vehicle’s speed. By default, the code displays a random speed.

Additionally, a Neo 6M GPS module is utilized, offering the potential for real-time tracking of the vehicle’s location. This expanded capability allows a Raspberry Pi or any laptop to be connected to the system.

Upon detecting alcohol impairment, the project sends an email to a pre-determined address, with precise location information obtained from the GPS module.

Advanced Alcohol Breath Analyzer
Fig. 1: Author’s prototype

Fig. 1 shows the author’s prototype of an advanced alcohol breath analyzer. The components required in this project are listed in the Bill of Materials Table below.


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