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RFID-Based Authentication System Using Arduino

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The radio frequency identification (RFID) system used for the identification and tracking of objects makes use of an RFID reader and a tag. The main parts of the authentication system include the transceiver, antenna, and decoder.

The transceiver can function as either a transmitter or a receiver. It includes an oscillator to generate a continuous signal, which is modulated to a required frequency and then transmitted into the air through the antenna.

The antenna converts the electrical signal into an electromagnetic signal that is efficiently propagated through the air.

When an RF signal is detected at the antenna from a tag, the decoder aids in retrieving the data.

The importance of RFID systems is increasing day by day due to their powerful capabilities in automatic identification, localization, and access control. However, RFID techniques are plagued by security and privacy issues due to the underlying wireless communication channel.

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To address this, we propose an efficient authentication scheme that utilizes pseudorandom number generators (PRNG) and some simple cryptographic operations.

Since the current generation of tags comes with built-in pseudo-random generators, implementing these operations is possible with low complexity. The secret information stored inside the tags is communicated more securely, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and authentication.

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The security of our proposed scheme is analyzed against different attacks on RFID and compared with the performance of some existing protocols. Experimental results demonstrate a significant improvement in security with an average cost when compared with existing techniques.

This is a proposed design of a smart and secure system topology for login using RFID technology. With this technology, the device can be configured to authenticate and then set selected functions, such as a login system or attendance system.

The EM 18 RFID module is used to read the RFID tags and devices, and Arduino is used to process the data and set functions like lock, unlock, or authentication. If the correct RFID tag is scanned, it authenticates and recognizes the person, displaying the result in the serial monitor. Otherwise, it indicates that the RFID is not correct.

RFID-Based Authentication System Using Arduino
Fig. 1: Prototype tested in EFY Lab.


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