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Generate 528Hz Miracle Tone with Arduino

efy test

This article discusses the concept of Solfeggio Frequencies and how we can generate 528Hz love frequency with Arduino.

The 528Hz tone is predominantly known among the others such as 396, 417, 639, 741, 852, and 963Hz.

One can recall a time when music helped to alter the mood. Whenever we were stressed and wanted to relax, we would put on some slow, calming music. Of these, the 528Hz frequency is known as the Miracle Tone as it causes transformation and miracles (DNA repair and healing).

POC Video Tutorial In English:

POC Video Tutorial In Hindi:

The 528Hz love frequency reduces stress and anxiety and helps in healing; it increases energy and improves concentration and focus. It is also said to improve digestion and reduce pain and inflammation.

Here we are providing a circuit diagram, construction details, and testing instructions for generating and experiencing these 528Hz Love Frequencies.

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Arduino-based 528Hz Frequency Generator
Fig. 1: Arduino-based 528Hz Frequency Generator

528Hz is called love frequency because it resonates with the heart and also brings divine harmony. It is a part of meditation that awakens the mind to the spiritual magic of God.

The late Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered how water crystals were organized on hearing this tone. Since the body cells contain water, it is natural that cell energy is increased on hearing this frequency tone.

Each of the other frequencies in the list is useful for a specific purpose. The 396Hz removes negative energy and eradicates a guilty feeling. The 417Hz also removes negative energy from the body. The 639Hz is able to bring about harmonious relations between persons. The 741Hz is said to cleanse the body cells. The 852Hz can raise the cells’ energy. The 943Hz is stated to raise the Sahasrara Nadi, which brings a more positive outlook on life and awakens one’s intuitive power.

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Therefore, you may try out hearing these tones, particularly the 528Hz, to have the experience yourself. The prototype for the generation of Solfeggio tones, tested in the EFY lab, is shown in Fig. 1.

Components Required to Generate 528Hz Love Frequency
Board1Arduino Uno
IC1-LM386 low-power amplifier
Resistors (all 1/4-watt, ±5% carbon):
VR1-4.7-kilo-ohm pot
C1-47μF, 16V electrolytic
C2-220μF, 16V electrolytic
C3, C5-100μF, 16V electrolytic
C4-10μF, 16V electrolytic
C6, C7-100nF ceramic disk
CON1-2-pin connector
S1-S7-On/off switch
LS1-4-ohm, 0.5-watt speaker

Circuit Diagram and Working

The circuit diagram for generating magic meditative love frequency is shown in Fig. 2. It is built mainly around an Arduino Uno board and an audio mini module such as LM386 or PAM8403.


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  1. Sir,
    Thank you very much for the useful and peaceful project.
    1. What is the approximate power consumption of the circuit? How many days I can listen for 30 minutes using a battery 9V flat pack?
    2. What is the function of the code
    3. Pin number 8 declared as input in the code but not used in the program.
    pinMode(8, INPUT_PULLUP);


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