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Touchless Arduino Water Dispenser For Washing Hands

Touchless Arduino Water Dispenser For Washing Hands

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We designed the Automatic Touchless Arduino Water Dispenser to prevent water wastage.

During pandemics like Covid-19, the frequent need to wash hands leads to significant water wastage, particularly in public places such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, hotels, and restaurants.

Generally, people do not rub their hands with soap for the required 20 seconds before washing them with running water. Or they leave the tap running while rubbing their hands with soap. This proposed system can help solve both these problems.

POC Video Tutorial In English:

POC Video Tutorial In Hindi:

In addition, touching the water tap by different people can spread germs. So, this touchless water tap will take care of that as well.

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Bill of Material
Components Quantity
Arduino Uno (MOD1) 1
12V, 1A adaptor 1
Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 (MOD2) 1
Transistor BC547 (T1) 1
5V relay (R1) 1
Buzzer (B1) 1
Cooler water pump 1
1k resistor (R1) 1

Working Flow-chart


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  1. Thank you for the useful circuit. I have noticed few unique and novel design approaches.

    1. There’s no current limiting resistance for the T1(BC547) and directly driven by 5V microcontroller.
    2. There’s no current limiting resistance for D1(LED)
    3. Reference designator R1 denotes 1kΩ resistor and a Relay(R1).

    I have learned a lot from your disruptive design approaches. Thank you for sharing.