Friday, July 12, 2024

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Wi-Fi Analysing Smart Watch

This Wi-Fi analysing smart watch is another version of the world’s first programmable smart watch with fitness tracking project that was published in February issue. We want to customise it in such a way that it can help us analyse Wi-Fi networks and their data and signal strength. The author’s prototype of such a smart watch is shown in Fig. 1.

Wi-Fi signal and the network’s analysis is needed by the engineers while setting up Wi-Fi routers. It also helps us connect to the strongest Wi-Fi network signal available at a spot, besides being used as a tool by many cyber hackers. No smart watch provides the Wi-Fi analysis feature at present.

Fig. 1: Author’s prototype
Fig. 1: Author’s prototype

POC Video in English:

POC Video in Hindi:

The components required for the project are listed under the Bill of Material table. However, if you have already made the smart watch project that was published in February issue, you need not buy these components. You can directly proceed to programming in that case.

Bill of Material
Components Quantity Description
ESP12 F (MOD3) 1 SMD Wi-Fi SoC chip
MCP73812T (MOD4) 1 Battery charging IC
Round LCD (MOD1) 1 GC9A01 round LCD display
Resistor 470Ω R2, 2kΩ R3, 100Ω R1 1 SMD
Capacitor 4.7µF (C1, C2) 2 SMD ceramic
2-pin jumper (JP1) 1 Jumper pin
Micro USB (MOD2) 1 SMD micro USB female
Switch (S1) 1 SMD slide switch
3.3V battery 1 Microsize battery
3D printed case 1 Body for watch

Circuit diagram of the Wi-Fi analysing smart watch is shown in Fig. 2. It is built around LCD (MOD1), USB micro cable (MOD2), ESP12F (MOD3), and MCP73812T (MOD4). Connect the components as per circuit diagram, which has two parts—first, voltage regulation plus 3.3V cell charging part and, second, the actual smart watch circuit that is connected to the battery through jumper pin JP1.

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Fig. 2: Circuit diagram
Fig. 2: Circuit diagram



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