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Low-Range AM Radio Transmitter

Here is a simple low range radio transmitter for transmission up to 25 metres. It is basically an AM modulator whose signal can be received on the normal AM radio. It can also be used as an AM radio tester.

Low range radio transmitter circuit

IC 555 (IC1) is used as a free running multivibrator whose frequency is set above 540 kHz. Here the circuit is designed for a frequency of around 600 kHz. The frequency of the multivibrator can be calculated as follows:

where resistors R1 and R2 are in ohms, capacitor C1 is in microfarads, and frequency f is in hertz. This frequency can be changed by simply replacing R2 with a variable resistor or C1 with gang capacitors. But it may increase the complexity of the circuit. A condenser microphone is used for speaking.

Low Range Radio Transmitter Circuit
Fig: Low Range Radio Transmitter Circuit Diargam

The IC 555 multivibrator is used as a voltage-to-frequency converter. The output of the condenser microphone is given to pin 5 of IC1, which converts the input voltage or voice signal into its appropriate frequency at output pin 3. This frequency produces an electromagnetic wave, which can be detected by a nearby radio receiver, and you can hear your own voice in that radio. Note that the receiver should be AM type. If there is no noise in receiver, tune it to 600 kHz.

The circuit operates off a 9V regulated power supply or a 9V battery. For antenna, connect 2-3m long wire at pin 3.

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The original article was published on May 1, 2003. Another AM transmitter is the crystal AM transmitter.

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    @Randhe vishal Dnyaneshwar Make a PCB layout yourself its actually really easy.

    Instead of a condenser mic im thinking of using an audio jack so i can play prewar music to a prewar radio. This is flipping great!


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