Accessing Graphical Desktop Of Raspberry Pi Using SSH And VNC

By Kalpesh Bhosle


Accessing Raspberry Pi using VNC Viewer

Although Raspberry Pi has the required packages installed to stream its graphical desktop, VNC Viewer is needed to access it. Since we are using an Ubuntu system to access Raspberry Pi, install VNC Viewer using the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install ssvnc

You may need to install xtightvncviewer using the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install xtightvncviewer

It is now possible to access the graphical desktop of Raspberry Pi using the following command:

$ xtightvncviewer

Replace with the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. Enter the password to access it. Alternatively, the same results can be obtained using RealVNC Viewer package available on

Raspberry Pi can be logged on over SSH using an Ethernet network with Ubuntu system. Graphical desktop of Raspberry Pi running VNC server can be accessed using VNC Viewer. Internet can be accessed on Raspberry Pi by sharing the Wi-Fi connection of Ubuntu system. This configuration lets you access Raspberry Pi from any remote location using a laptop and a regular Ethernet cable.

Fig. 6: Raspberry Pi desktop

Note that, vncserver does not start automatically when Raspberry Pi boots up. You need to start it using the command given below. Use SSH every time you want to access the graphical desktop of Raspberry Pi.

$ vncserver :1

Kalpesh Bhosale is B.Tech (electronics), working as embedded software developer at Tata Elxsi Ltd, Pune. He likes exploring open source software and hardware including Raspberry Pi and Arduino


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