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Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects In 2022

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Let’s look at some new Raspberry Pi project ideas for you to get busy with this year.

X-Ray Based Covid -19 detection

General X-Ray-based Covid-19 detection systems are fast and give quick results along with the status of how much the COVID-19 virus has infected the lungs. This is X-Ray-based Covid-19 detection system needs to be installed only once with an X-Ray machine. The detection system gives a timely status of infection inside the lungs. There are two ways to achieve this: by using the Python library or by creating and training an ML model.

X-Ray-Based Quick COVID-19 Detection With Raspberry Pi

First Animal/Bird Language Translator Device

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This is a Rapsberry Pi device that helps you to talk and understand animals by translating their language into your language . It usess the ML and AI algorithm and detect the animal tone and voice and translate it to human emotions

First Animal/Bird Language Translator Device

Smallest Raspberry Pi laptop

This is world smallest Raspberry based laptop that helps in many task Tasks including network penetration and testing the potency of malware and virus is often performed in spying and ethical hacking. The user is required to work on a computer that’s small in size and can’t be easily noticed. And despite the size, the laptop should have excellent specifications, on par with other high spec laptops.

Raspberry Pi based Smallest Touchscreen Laptop with E-ink Display

Face Recognition AI Robot

In this project, we is about how to design a smart AI robot that can recognize a person’s face, can recognize that person’s voice and thus receive various commands for welcoming guests or for security purposes. One can also preview live streaming with a camera through face recognition.

Designing IoT Face Recognition AI Robot

Raspberry Pi Into Low Cost NAS Server / Wi-Fi Wireless Pen Drive

Storage systems play an important role for office as well as personal use. Due to the increasing file sizes, external drives are often needed to store data. But repeatedly plugging in and out external drives may cause damage to the USB. On top of that, managing USB pen drives and external HDDs is a bit difficult. Such USB drives and storage systems allow you connectivity with only one device. To remove such problems and make life easier, today you will learn to make a wireless pen drive or a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device that can store files over WiFi.

Turn Raspberry Pi Into Low Cost NAS Server / Wi-Fi Wireless Pen Drive

Raspberry Pi Smart Stick Transforms TV Or Monitor Into Smart TV

The Smart Stick has a web browser and is equipped with wireless file storage access and transfer system. It supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. This homemade Smart Stick allows the following functions:

  • Stream online global TV services
  • Access OTT platforms
  • Cast, record and download/save (live and offline) YouTube videos from your smartphone
  • Play FM radio or stream music, thanks to multi room audio casts like AirPlay, UNDP and DLN
  • Run apps such as JioTv and many more.

Raspberry Pi Smart Stick Transforms TV Or Monitor Into Smart TV

Wireless Power Case For Raspberry Pi

Tis is a design of a wireless power case for the Raspberry Pi that will further enable you to design a smart wireless IoT device for use with the Smart PowerTile. In case you don’t have a Smart PowerTile, you can still power your IoT device using the power case with any wireless power adaptor.

DIY: Wireless Power Case For Raspberry Pi

An AIoT Based Object classification Using Edge impulse & Raspberry Pi Platform

Object detection wherein every activity gets displayed in a live classification or IP address is a trending topic nowadays. Taking advantage of this, if machines can also recognise objects as humans do, then it would be very interesting.

Using the Edge Impulse platform, users can train their AI, ML models without possessing deep knowledge of programming or AI, ML concepts. Edge impulse is a cloud-based platform that incorporates computing in Raspberry Pi for acquiring live videos and images via a camera interface.

An AIoT Based Object classification Using Edge impulse & Raspberry Pi Platform



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