Window Charger

Pradeep G.


Keep away intruders with this compact electrified window charger. The charger produces non-lethal shocks that are strong enough to threaten intruders.

Window Charger Circuit

The circuit given below uses IC CD4047 as a free-running astable multivibrator. Capacitor C1 and preset VR1 are timing components. The pulse repetition rate is determined by the value of 4.4C1×VR1. The frequency can be varied with the help of preset VR1.

Window Charger Circuit
Fig.1: Window Charger Circuit

The IC generates complementary square wave signals at pins 10 and 11. Transistors T1 and T2 serve as drivers for the following push-pull amplifier stage. A high-voltage generator, realised using step-up transformer X1 and medium-power transistors T3 and T4, follows the astable multivibrator. The step-down transformer is used for reverse function (step-up) and its output is rectified by diode D1, filtered by capacitor C3 and then given to window (made of metal frame).

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 The project was first published in Jan 2004 and has recently been updated.


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