Sunday, May 28, 2023

Clumping All Your Entertainment In A Clumpe

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While accessing Clumpe you can download content from another Clumpe in the vicinity and keep the downloaded content in the hard drive present in the bus or car that you are travelling in. That is the part that brings in the moving network into the picture. Copying happens over 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, which is the fastest of all Wi-Fi connections available today. This process is being initiated manually, probably from bus to bus.

There are categories of content managed by the algorithm that smartly picks and updates new movie trailers, music video and the like from the Internet whenever available. Metrics of videos are created by an algorithm, which works like a ranking algorithm. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. Likewise, higher viewerships are taken into account by this algorithm and categorised on top as per listing. Content with lower viewership fades away from user’s sight.

The idea is to use time effectively

We live in a world where time has to be used effectively. Clumpe makes use of pushing the right content to you at the right time, and you find what you want. Using contextual advertising based on the type of services that customers have availed, additional offers and actionable ad contents could also be streamed, much like what YouTube does while playing a long video. This way the advertisers get the right target audience they are looking for.

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On the academic front, educational institutions could use this platform to stream informative videos in universities, colleges, schools and labs while controlling what the students are accessing. Techies can gain access to training material in the visual form of e-books, and train themselves while travelling to add more productivity to their work day.

Clumpe is also targeted at hotels for streaming content in pay-per-view segment. Additional revenue generation is done using add-on services that would require the user to pay.

Shanosh Kumar is technology journalist at EFY. He is BCA from Bangalore University and MBA from Christ University, Bengaluru



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