Monday, April 22, 2024

D’Zine-ing A Greener World With Electric Mobility

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Bengaluru based startup Greendzine Technologies is decarbonising mobility through its light electric mobility solutions for the warehouse-to-home market. The company has over 30 intellectual properties (IPs) but what catches an innovator’s eye is its infinity charger module for electric vehicles

Aggressive expansion of the e-commerce sector and a sustained rise in demand led by accelerating manufacturing investments have resulted in the growth of new and emerging warehousing technologies to ease material handling and management in warehouses.

Bengaluru based Greendzine Technologies has joined the movement and intends to replace the mundane work of manual movement and material handling within the warehouse with an autonomous solution to get better repeatability, accuracy, and reliability. With more than 30 IPs related to vehicle design, architecture, electric powertrain, charger technology, and battery cooling system to its credit, the company aims to ease warehouse mobility through its smart picking solution MOPTro.

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MOPTro Snail
MOPTro Snail

MOPTro eliminates the tedious manual picking process for operators, ensuring accurate picking and put-away. The electric vehicle comes with an application software on a mobile device attached to the MOPTro, which shows the fastest aisle route to picking a product, thus enabling greater throughput.


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