Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Empowering Sustainable Transitions: Tranzitor’s Vision For A Battery-Powered Future

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The name Tranzitor draws its inspiration from one of the most important electronic components, the transistor. “Just as the transistor revolutionised electronics, Tranzitor aims to enable a transition towards a better alternative—battery technology,” says Devesh Patel, Founder and CEO of Tranzitor

In today’s world, as the urgency to address environmental challenges and create a sustainable future intensifies, the demand for deep tech startups that specialise in indigenous electric powertrain solutions has become paramount. Tranzitor is one such start-up that is developing indigenous greener transportation solutions tailored to the Indian climate and road conditions. Their commitment to addressing the pressing issues of increasing pollution levels and combatting climate change is reflected in their range of indigenous solutions, spanning from battery management systems (BMS) to motor controllers and beyond. With a keen focus on creating electric vehicle powertrain solutions suited for the unique road conditions in India, this startup hopes to make a significant impact in driving the transition towards sustainable transportation.

DWI 1.0 motor controller
DWI 1.0 motor controller

Tranzitor was founded in 2019 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a mission to revolutionise the logistics sector and combat the escalating pollution crisis in urban areas. Devesh Patel, the founder of Tranzitor, realised that the diesel-based vehicles used in the logistics sector often emit more pollution than any other vehicles on the road. To address this pressing issue and reduce emissions, he decided to import and sell retrofitment kits for old diesel trucks.

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