“We are trying to make a change in the concept of building design and show that the day lighting can be an integrated part of the building and devices can be built for effective use of that. In last 4-5 years we have made a large impact by doing so many projects across the country (based on previous Lightpipe technology).”

Day lighting is extremely good in terms of the psychological and physiological benefits it delivers. Lots of research and studies conducted for lighting prove that it is a great psychological uplift when the building is day-lit. It improves the mood of the people and enhances productivity.

The use of a day lighting system adds to the energy savings of the building by using sun light as a renewable energy source. It also increases energy efficiency of a building and a reduction in its carbon footprint.

Market strategy
Launched only in April, Day360 IDS targets large factories, commercial stores, warehouses, etc. Nori says, “We are presently looking at the South Asian and Middle Asian markets for IDS because there is ample sun light available here. The South Asian neighbourhood is also an energy-deficit region, which is not the case with the Middle East. We assume IDS to be fit for this market and can be used extensively here. The energy-saving benefits are very promising in these areas.”

Sekhar proudly shares, “Day360 IDS is first of its kind in the world and does not take in any competitors yet. We have filed for patents for this product.”

The author is a technology journalist at EFY


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