Thursday, February 22, 2024

Engineering Of Smart Retail Stores For India Should Begin From Now

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Airflash – a potential shot in the arm for brick-and-mortar retail

Avinash Kaushik is working on brick-and-mortar retail stores called Airflash that are due to launch shortly.

“Airflash retail stores would showcase IoT-exclusive devices and gadgets. Here, people can simply walk-in and experience these products unboxed,” states Avinash.

“These Physical stores will be e-commerce enablers and will help Amazon, Flipkart and others to improve their urban penetrations in the new age categories of IoT.”

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This statement is an indicator of the fact that both mediums of retailing will benefit, rather than create intensive competition amongst the existing players; both online and physical retail stores.

“We are currently signing up brands both from large corporates and startups to showcase their products in our physical stores to reach wider customer base beyond traditional retail channels,” adds Avinash.

Smart Retailing in creating jobs

Another important aspect at this stage is IoT experts’ belief in integrating, smart retail aspects, to appropriate engineering branches so that employability of graduating engineers is potentially enhanced.

“Retail has been a major job creator for India and we are one of the largest consumer base in the world,” signs-off Avinash.

“Smart retailing concepts should be introduced as a hardcore study subject by technical universities across the country. This will drive both engineering as well as business prospects,” believes Harish Babu.

Finally, with experts and technologists optimistic about driving smart retail stores in India, embedded engineers out there can put their technical hats on and start thinking.

Experts Consulted

Shankar Narayan R Business Analyst and Functional Consultant at Happiest Minds Technologies
Avinash Kaushik Founder and CEO at Bengaluru-based Revxx Hardware Accelerator
Pradeep Kumar G Bengaluru-based independent technology consultant and IoT trainer
Harish Babu Chief Technology Trainer at Keonics Karnataka, and Technology Consultant
Bastin Robins J Chief Data Scientist at Bengaluru-based Hash Research Labs

Written by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY


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