Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pune Startup Gives Birth To New Two-Wheeler Form Factor

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The logistics sector has become the biggest adopter of electric vehicles in India. However, in the two-wheeler space, the attrition rate due to physical and mental fatigue is alarming for both lease and fleet operators. Can Qargos, with its innovative two-wheeler form factor, help address this issue? Alok Das and Vijay Parveen, the founders of Qargos, explain.

Parked at Dassault Systems’ Massachusetts Experience Centre is an electric two-wheeler that looks unlike anything currently on the market! From a distance, it appears larger than a TVS Apache motorcycle, but up close, it is roughly the same size. The key difference? Instead of an engine or batteries, the Qargos F9 houses a large integrated box within its chassis. Capable of carrying 120kg in this 225-litre space, Pune-headquartered Qargos is targeting the logistics sector with the F9.

Alok Das, co-founder of Qargos, explains, “This is a new form factor in the two-wheeler industry, designed and manufactured in India for global markets.”

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The startup aims to deliver 1000 Qargos F9s this year, followed by 20,000 next year, and over 30,000 in the third year. Currently, it is testing the product with major logistics companies in India. For Qargos, the strategy moving forward involves collaborations with lease players and fleet operators.


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Mukul Yudhveer Singh
Mukul Yudhveer Singh
Mukul Yudhveer Singh is an Editor at EFY. He’s an experienced business journalist who is both an enthusiast and a cynic of technology. Believes in data, as well as hunch-based journalism. He defines journalism as- reporting facts which help the audience take their own decisions, not ones that influence them!


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