Wednesday, July 24, 2024

With 15-Minute Rapid Charging Tech, Exponent Eyes Commercial EVs

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Exponent Energy (Exponent), with its 15-minute rapid charging tech, aims to help the electric vehicle OEMs launch and sell economically priced electric vehicles. The startup says that its patented ‘water-based’ off-board thermal management system can charge an electric three-wheeler equipped with batteries provided by Exponent from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes

Also undergoing a trial with a major commercial bus manufacturer, the startup says it will launch the tech for electric bus OEMs soon. However, it has no immediate plans to venture into the two-wheeler segment, Arun Vinayak, Co-founder & CEO, told Electronics For You during an exclusive conversation. Once launched, the tech will charge electric buses from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes.

e^pump and e^pack

e^pump and e^pack

He says, “We don’t differentiate in vehicle forms from a technology point of view. The energy consumption by two-wheelers deployed in the logistics segment is much lesser than that consumed by three- and four-wheelers. The question we want to answer is not how many electric vehicles we are helping in charging rapidly, but how much energy we can save while doing the same.”

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“Two years from now, we might enter the two-wheelers segment. But for now, we know that most Indian startups don’t die of starvation, but they die of indigestion,” he adds.

What this means for commercial EVs


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Mukul Yudhveer Singh
Mukul Yudhveer Singh
Mukul Yudhveer Singh is an Editor at EFY. He’s an experienced business journalist who is both an enthusiast and a cynic of technology. Believes in data, as well as hunch-based journalism. He defines journalism as- reporting facts which help the audience take their own decisions, not ones that influence them!


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