Friday, April 19, 2024

EMO: The Light That Reflects Your Emotions

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Specific feedbacks. “During the above-mentioned design process, people gave us hints about what they would define as personal. We came up with a unique pinch interaction that does not currently exist to operate the product.

“They also said that a multi-functional product is more valuable than a single-feature product. So we gave multiple functional modes (functional and ambient). Once we built the prototype, we collected further feedback about how people see themselves using the light,” adds Nav Krishna.

EMO was further improved based on the feedback received. It now houses a safety beacon function that allows for easy spotting of a broken-down car at night.

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“People told us what they really wanted and how they would like to use EMO in their lives,” says Nav Krishna.

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EMO is unique but not alone
There is a competitive world out there for EMO. Rousing Designs found that there are many lighting devices that exist in the market. Interestingly, after a detailed study they found that there is no smart portable lighting solution that has the smart use cases that EMO houses.

“This is our minimum viable product. We have planned a product line around experiential controlled lighting of which this is a start. The market of smartlighting is set to grow to US$ 8 billion by 2020, as per a published report. There are two more variants planned that will serve a wider set of needs and a hub system that will change the face of home lighting as we know it,” says Nav Krishna.

Aravind Bayari, a senior embedded systems engineer, has been contributing to EMO’s design right from its initial prototype.

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How EMO finds light to illuminate itself

Rousing Designs has created something called a two-fold sales strategy. The first one is directed to people through a website. The online market-place provides a thriving platform to propel innovative smartproducts.

fig 2
Demonstration of EMO

The second is through adventure enthusiasts who would find best use cases of EMO. The theme is to get EMO to people who go for weekend trips in their cars exploring wilderness or adventure.

Business plans also include partnering up with car rental platforms where EMO could be offered as an add-on inside the car. At the end of the day, this is a product that will prove handy when your car breaks down.

Shanosh Kumar is working as media consultant at EFY


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