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Extra Low Voltage Mode Application in APM Technologies Programmable DC Power Supply

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As power supply in the testing system, in hope of protecting the user’s testing devices, the programmable DC power supply not only provides stable output but also contains various protection modes.

APM Technologies Programmable DC Power Supply obtains OVP, OCP, OPP and SCP. These protections are software protection and can be set through menu by user. Moreover, it also possesses hardware overvoltage protection, which reaches to 1.07~1.1 times of the maximum power supply voltage.

In practical application, SCP provides double protection to both power supply and the device under test. When the power supply is under the CC (Constant Current) mode, the output voltage decreases as low as 0.7V, the power supply will enter SCP mode, at this moment, the power supply will turn off and the buzzer alarm will pop up prompt interface to draw the attention of the user. However, there is limitation on the SCP, during cable test and circuit breaker tests, the protection could not run because of the active protection from power supply. To solve the problem, APM Technologies programmable DC power supply brings in the Extra Low Voltage Mode, under this mode, the test could proceed normally.

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Setting Method:
Press the “Menu” in the front panel to enter main interface, then select “2. OUTPUT SETTING”.

Select “5. ADVANCED FUNC” to enter advanced function menu.

Select “3. SHORT MODE” to enter extra low voltage mode setting.

The default setting of this option is “ON”, if cable test and circuit breaker test is required by the user, the test could run normally when the option is set to “OFF”.

One important note is that the setting will be saved after the power supply turn off, if the Extra Low Voltage Mode is not needed any more, remember to set back “ON” to protect the power supply and the device under test.

In view of different requirements of more industries, APM Technologies programmable DC power supply considers rigorously while designing so as to provide client with more exclusive services. Remember to contact APM Technologies if the power supply does not contain this function, APM Technologies programmable power supply supports remote upgrade.



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