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Highlights Of Zebra Technologies Annual Warehousing Vision Study Briefing

By Akanksha Sondhi Gaur

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Learn how warehouses adapt to global challenges, embrace technology, and transform operations to stay ahead in today’s demanding landscape.

Zebra Technologies unveiled its annual warehousing vision study report in a virtual event held on November 23rd, 2023. The event featured prominent speakers, including Vivien Tay, APAC Vertical Solutions Marketing Lead; Rajnish Gupta, VP and Head of India & Subcontinent Business; and Sanjay Nare, Pre Sales Head for India & Subcontinents, all representing Zebra Technologies. Rajnish mentions that the global research study aimed to dissect the latest trends and technologies reshaping warehouse operations. This study, facilitated online by Azure Knowledge Corporation, boasts substantial participation of over 1,400 respondents from diverse sectors such as manufacturing, retail, transportation, logistics, and wholesale distribution organisations. It sheds light on how organisations harness technologies to modernise their warehouses and proactively prepare for future challenges. 

The report highlighted the company’s current range of products, encompassing mobile computers, RFID readers, printers, industrial machine vision, and fixed scanners. Sanjay discussed the company’s latest warehousing solutions, including printers, RFID technology, mobile computers, tablets, and software. They are mentioned below:

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TC53 and TC58 Mobile Computers: These devices usher in a new era of mobile computing with powerful hardware, advanced sensors, and cutting-edge wireless tech like 5G and Wi-Fi 6E. They sport a leading 6-inch screen, exclusive Mobility DNA tools for productivity, and scanning options up to 12 meters. They also offer innovative features like mobile workstations, RFID, two-way radios, and precise parcel dimensioning. Applications cover back-of-store management, merchandising, planogram management, front-of-store replenishment, proof of delivery, asset management, invoicing, mobile point of sale, and location services.

ET60/ET65 Enterprise Tablet: A robust Android tablet designed for business needs, known for its versatility and durability in tough conditions. With an IP66 rating and the ability to survive a 5-foot drop onto concrete, it exceeds MIL STD 810H standards. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6E and optional 5G, it ensures advanced wireless connectivity. It offers flexibility as a Standard, Freezer, or Vehicle Mount Computer, with standard or extended battery options. A supercap provides up to 5 minutes of operation without a battery for hot swapping. The tablet supports various business operations like loading, unloading, inventory management, picking, and cold storage.

ZQ600 Plus Mobile Printers: A high-end solution for efficient mobile label and receipt printing, ideal for high-volume work environments. Industry’s first Wi-Fi 6 Mobile Printer with WLAN Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for seamless wireless communication. Features a user-friendly colour display, accommodates large media rolls, and offers rapid printing with instant wake-up over Wi-Fi. Advanced battery tech extends usage on a single charge. Includes Print DNA software suite for streamlined printing. Suitable for various tasks like label printing, raw material handling, shipping labels, and pallet labels.

ZD421 and ZD411 Desktop Printers: Printers offer high-speed and user-friendly solutions for a wide range of printing needs. These printers are designed for moderate-volume duty cycles and have advanced features and functionality. Boasting a print speed of 6 inches per second (152 mm) at 203 dpi, they deliver quick and efficient printing. The compact design with OpenACCESS makes media loading a breeze. These printers provide enhanced functionality and control integrated with the Print DNA software suite. Unparalleled security with PrintSecure ensures the safety and integrity of printed materials. They contribute to improved asset visibility, data quality, and inventory management. Applications include shipping and receiving labels, packing slips, inventory, and asset labels.

ZD411 Desktop Printers: These compact printers are versatile and ideal for various environments. It features an intuitive setup and operation with 5 LED icons and a 3-button user interface. Color-coded touchpoints guide users through speedy media changes. They provide efficient printing with a print speed of 6 inches per second (152 mm) at 203 dpi. The compact design with OpenACCESS facilitates easy media loading. Integrated with the Print DNA software suite, these printers offer advanced capabilities. Unparalleled security with PrintSecure ensures the confidentiality of printed materials. They improve asset visibility, data quality, and inventory management. Applications include shipping and receiving labels, inventory labels, packing slips, and asset labels.

The company prepares for the future with a range of advanced products, from mobile computers and tablets to mobile printers and desktop printers. These solutions offer efficiency, durability, advanced connectivity, and enhanced productivity, making them essential tools for businesses in manufacturing, retail, transportation, logistics, and wholesale distribution.


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