Sunday, April 21, 2024

New Advance Fuse Essential to Accommodate With Size and Higher Voltage Performance

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Conquer Electronic was founded 1977; the professional fuse manufactory in Taiwan. We have been growing to become a world-level fuse developer, searcher and manufacturer for decades.

As the product approaching to smaller and thin size, components also needs to reduce its size to meet the requirement. MMT is the mini MST which comes out to meet this requirement, as well as the voltage upgrade to 400V AC/250VDC for wider design. The older brother MST is still strong at the first place with highest capacity and selling qty in the market. With very wide application of LED drivers, Notebooks, Medical systems and all kinds of electronics devices. The advantage of new series is with benefit for the mechanical design of the application. Also we optimized the products on more stable quality and performance. The new product series are covering:

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