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1700V SiC MOSFET For Renewable Energy Applications

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onsemi’s NTH4L028N170M1 is a SiC MOSFET developed for high voltage renewable energy applications.

NTH4L028N170M1 (Source: onsemi)

NTH4L028N170M1 is a 1700V M1 planar EliteSiC MOSFET from onsemi. It is a high-efficiency silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET rated for 1700V. The NTH4L028N170M1 offers reliable, high-efficiency performance for energy infrastructure and industrial drive applications. It is optimized for fast-switching applications. The planar technology works reliably with negative gate voltage drives and turns off spikes on the gate. The NTH4L029N170 has been released for renewable energy applications. The MOSFET is suitable for use in renewable-energy grid equipment such as battery energy storage systems, solar inverters, wind turbines, etc. which works at high voltages.

onsemi NTH4L028N170M1 delivers a higher breakdown voltage which is essential for high-power industrial applications. The 1700 V avalanche-rated EliteSiC Schottky diode NDSH10170A thus allows designers to achieve stable high-voltage operation and better efficiency even at higher temperatures. The MOSFET comes in a TO247-4LD package for low common source inductance. It has a low drain-source resistance RDS(ON) of 28mohm and offers low EON and EOFF losses.

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This MOSFET delivers optimum performance when driven with a 20V gate drive but also works well with an 18V gate drive. The NTH4L028N170M1 MOSFET has a higher breakdown voltage (BV) which makes it suitable for use in renewable energy applications.

With the 1700 V EliteSiC MOSFET (NTH4L028N170M1), onsemi delivers higher breakdown voltage (BV) SiC solutions, required for high-power industrial applications. The two 1700 V avalanche-rated EliteSiC Schottky diodes (NDSH25170A, NDSH10170A) allow designers to achieve stable high-voltage operation at elevated temperatures while offering high efficiency enabled by SiC.

“By providing best-in-class efficiency with reduced power losses, the new 1700 V EliteSiC devices reinforce the high standards of superior performance and quality for products in our EliteSiC family as well as further expand the depth and breadth of onsemi’s EliteSiC,” said Simon Keeton, executive vice president and general manager, Power Solutions Group, on semi.


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