Wednesday, June 12, 2024

200W Digital-Power Solution With Tough Eco-Design Standards

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Can achieve a full-load efficiency over 91% at 115V and 230V AC and comes with pre-programmed algoritjms for fast configuration

Helping designers quickly build 200W digital power supplies and adaptors for LED and OLED televisions is the new STEVAL-NRG011TV board from STMicroelectronics. It provides a 12V/4A regulated output to power the television’s controller and audio subsystem and a 65V/2.5A output for LED backlighting. The wide AC input voltage range from 90V to 264V allows use in power supplies and adaptors to achieve a full-load efficiency over 91% at 115V and 230V AC, and no-load mains consumption below 120mW.

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Based on the proprietary STNRG011 digital PFC (power factor correction) and resonant LLC converter, the STEVAL-NRG011TV provides reliability and energy efficiency for fine-tuning the operating parameters for optimal performance. The STNRG011 also offers a highly integrated solution for power-factor-corrected, high-efficiency converters. Included on-chip is an 8-bit CPU subsystem, control logic including PFC and LLC event-driven state machines (SMEDs), an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), high-voltage startup circuitry, power management, and protection. A two-wire interface handles communication with the external EEPROM as well as remote monitoring and software updates. Housed in a 20-pin SO20 power package, this device enables a simplified board layout and compact dimensions.

Since no coding is required as the digital control algorithms are permanently programmed in the controller’s ROM, the board is equipped with a complete set of sample parameters stored in programmable non-volatile memory (NVM).

The STEVAL-NRG011TV is available now from STMicroelectronics.


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