Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Advanced Motor Control Systems Solution Using RISC-V MCU ASSP Hardware

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Renesas Electronics Corporation launched new R9A02G020 RISC-V MCU ASSP hardware, especially for advanced motor control systems. It supports RISC-V processing IP with its target applications extended to home/building automation, healthcare devices, home appliances, drones, etc. R9A02G020 RISC-V MCU ASSP assists customers to benefit from a ready-to-use, turnkey solution for motor control applications with no development cost.

(Credit: Renesas Electronics Corporation)

The R9A02G020 RISC-V MCU ASSP hardware supports ecosystem partners and provides with complete and production-ready motor control system solution. It exhibits 32MHz performance, 48/16KB of Flash/RAM, and advanced analog features, the R9A02G020 is essential for a turnkey motor control solution. It also reveals the highest temperature support and can be configured in small packages these attributes make it useful for highly space-constrained PCB designs, within harsh environmental conditions

Independent design houses (IDHs) developed specialized application code and the application software implementing the motor control functionality is pre-developed and programmed within the device at factory production. A sophisticated field-oriented motor control functionality can be included by the users without any effort in terms of development, testing, and validation of the implementation.

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The essential attributes of R9A02G020 RISC-V MCU ASSP
32-Bit innovative RISC-V CPU core
32MHz performance
Advanced motor control timers, and two watchdog timers for safety purposes
Small packages (24 and 32-pin devices)
High-temperature support (125 C°)
16 KB SRAM, incl. 4KB with ECC
Memory protection units (CPU and bus)
Customizable parameters & application options
Supported by easy-to-use PC GUIs/Configuration tools
Controlled by external host I/F


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