Saturday, June 15, 2024

AI-Driven CAD Modeling Engine

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AI-enabled process helps reduce CAD model creation time.

Ultra Librarian, a CAD library provider, announced  a new AI-driven CAD modeling engine to reduce the time it takes to build CAD models.

Traditionally, CAD models take hours to build. The task becomes tedious for complicated industrial models. Using the libraries to train the AI engine, it can be taught to handle the variations and differences that exist between a vendor’s part data. Ultra Librarian’s AI-driven CAD modeling engine is expected to reduce the build time to seconds.  Many obvious tasks can now be handled by  the  AI  providing designers with an opportunity to focus better on innovation.

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“Leveraging AI has shown 20x-30x increases in performance, compared to manual methods, allowing us to further accelerate our model building activities.”, said Frank, chief architect for Ultra Librarian.

The press release stated that the team trains  the new AI models on their library, including more than 16 million CAD models.  Additional use cases are being explored. The beta version of the AI-driven CAD modeling engine will be available in early 2024. Ultra Librarian is a website that provides PCB CAD library and conversion tools with 32 CAD formats supported. The library includes vendor-verified symbols, footprints and 3D models.


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