Saturday, December 9, 2023

Contactless Connectivity for Point-to-Point Communication

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We know that mechanical connectors degrade over time and impact performance, so, its time to switch.

Molex LLC, a manufacturer of electronic, electrical, and fiber optic connectivity systems, has introduced a series of contactless connectivity devices, MX60, to ease device pairing. The series aims to reduce reliability on physical connectors and cables for point-to-point communication.

The devices incorporate compact mm-Wave RF transceivers and built-in antennas into a single package. The technology used in the devices operates at data rates from 1 to 5.4 Gbps on the 60 GHz band with no Wi‑Fi or Bluetooth interference. The devices are designed to be energy-efficient and fast.

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The series is expected to offer enhanced product design freedom, device pairing and communications reliability. These sealed, contact-free solutions are less prone to risks associated with ingress and repeated motion, including high-vibration and rotational products. The ability to remove diagnostic ports on wirelessly charged devices also can reduce development and production costs.

The series finds its applications in smartphones, AR/VR glasses, tablets, self-driving vehicles, video walls, industrial robotics, medical wearables, wireless docking stations and devices exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

 The press release stated that a space-saving, contactless solution that provides USB2 and other low-speed interfaces is currently in development. “By combining USB2 and other low-speed interfaces in one contactless solution, we will offer product developers a critical head-start as they won’t have to worry about fitting extra components into ever-shrinking form factors.” said Walter Rivera, senior manager, wireless connectivity product manager for the micro solutions business unit at Molex.


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