Saturday, June 15, 2024

High-Power Grid Simulator For Enhanced Level of Testing

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  • Chroma’s three new grid simulators provide flexible configuration and can be applied for green energy applications
  • These equipment come along with an intelligent touch screen that has an intuitive UI

Chroma has added three new models: 61809, 61812 and 61815, to its 61800 series of regenerative grid simulators. These new products are four-quadrant, fully regenerative AC power sources having high power density and provide power ratings of 9kVA/12kVA/15kVA respectively. The 3U height form factor allows the device to occupy less space and provide flexibility for users when configuring their system cabinet or test bench.

These equipment have capabilities like:

  • single-phase and 3-phase output
  • 350 VLNwide output voltage range
  • 100 per cent DC output
  • 200V – 480V universal voltage input,

Suitable for green energy

These devices can also save operational cost. Additionally, users can extend the output power by connecting up to 3 units in parallel, thus achieving a high power density configuration of 45kVA output power at only 9U height. Besides grid simulation for server power or electrical commercial products, the new 61800 models can be applied to applications in green energy products including PV inverters, energy storage systems (ESS), power conditioning systems (PCS), microgrids, power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL), electric vehicle power supply equipment (EVSE), onboard charger (OBC) and bidirectional on-board charger (BOBC), etc., bringing users a whole new 9kVA to 45kVA high power density solution.

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Intelligent touch screen

The equipment models come along with an intelligent touch screen that has an intuitive UI for enabling users to quickly perform multiple settings and operations. The PLD advanced programming functions are greatly optimized, such as additional tap and swipe operations when programming in the LIST Mode as well as copying and pasting functions when setting sequences, giving users a more intuitive and convenient way of programming – similar to operating a smartphone.


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