Monday, July 22, 2024

IR Sensors with Controlled Sensitivity

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High sensitivity fixed-gain IR sensor modules require attenuators but with controlled sensitivity sunlight protection is in-built.

New Yorker Electronics, an electronics component distributor, has announced the release of two new fixed-gain infrared (IR) sensor modules by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., a semiconductor and electronic components manufacturer. The surface-mount TSSP93038DF1PZA and leaded TSSP93038SS1ZA are expected to provide robust operation in direct sunlight, while providing enough sensitivity for light barrier applications.

The controlled sensitivity of these devices allows them to operate in full sunlight without unwanted pulses. For short range presence and proximity applications, the sensors’ reduced sensitivity eliminates the need for extremely low emitter forward currents, which can lead to unstable intensity outputs. The cost is reduced due to controlled sensitivity as attenuators to protect against sunlight are not required. 

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The sensors offer irradiance of 1.3mW/m² in compact minimold packages. Featuring a fast 260μs reaction time, they deliver long range proximity sensing. With the same setup, a range of 11m is possible in light curtain applications. Longer ranges can be achieved by using a more focused emitter or by increasing the emitter forward current.

The sensors operate over a supply voltage range from 2.0V to 3.6V. They feature a low supply current of 0.35mA and are sensitive to a carrier frequency of 38kHz. Designed to receive IR pulses with a peak wavelength of 940nm, the devices are insensitive to ripple noise on the supply voltage.

The devices are ideal for sensing the distance to objects for toys, drones, robots, and vicinity switches. They can detect presence for traffic control lights and parking lots, gateway access, water level sensors, light barriers for sports racing and lawn-mower robots. They may also be used as reflective sensors for hand dryers, towel or soap dispensers, water faucets, toilets, vending machine fall detection, security and pet gates.

The sensors  provide protection against electro-magnetic interference (EMI). They have an IR filter that suppresses visible light. The modules are RoHS-compliant (restriction of hazardous substances), halogen-free and Vishay Green.


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