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Module For Powering CPU, GPU and High Performing ASICs

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  • The new BMR510 is a voltage regulator module with an efficiency of up to 90%. It can deliver a continuous current of 80 A.
  • The module allows for remote monitoring and comes with protective features including output over-current and over-temperature protection.  
Graph showing efficiency of BMR510 (Source: Flex power)

Flex Power Modules has announced the release of an upgraded BMR510 module, Flex’s two-phase voltage regulator module. Compared to the previous model the upgraded module offers higher inductance in a smaller package, thus, allowing a lower switching frequency operation. The upgraded module also enhances efficiency by up to 90%.

The new BMR510 can deliver a continuous current of 80 A (140 A peak) output current at 0.5-1.3 V from an input of 4.5-16 V. The module comprises complete power stages including MOSFETs and drivers coupled with integrated inductors, for a highly-specified integrated power stage and is ideal for space-constrained applications with a volume of less than 0.7 cm3 (10 x 9 x 7.6 mm).

To reduce the size and improve the quality of the module, the company has opted for advanced materials of magnetic core in the construction of the BMR510. This allows lower switching frequency operation compared to the previous model. Moreover, it reduces switching losses, improving efficiency by up to a useful 1.5% to 90% compared with the original solution at 13.5 V input, 0.8 V/40 A output.

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The BMR510 is optimized for top-side cooling and is halogen-free. It can accept tri-state pulse width modulation (PWM) inputs from the chosen controller and a separate enable input is provided. Terminations are solder-bump or optionally LGA, for easy assembly. The module offers both output over-current and over-temperature protection and sensed values are available for remote monitoring.

The device is suitable for providing power for silicon based chips which has a high current requirement such as such as GPUs, CPUs, IPUs, high-end FPGAs and high-performing ASICs often found in the latest AI applications. Furthermore, to enable effective integration in target applications the company is making the thermal models available.


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