Monday, June 24, 2024

No-Clean Solder Paste For Advanced LED Soldering Applications

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Solder paste for advanced mini/microLED applications that offer good printability down to 60 microns.

NC38HF solder paste (Source: Indium Corporation)

Indium Corporation has released NC38HF, a new solder paste suitable for advanced LED soldering applications. The soldering paste offers consistent and tight solder deposits across multiple prints, enabling a better coverage of soldering paste and higher quality prints. This new formula also provides minimal voiding on tight-pitch that allows for stronger joints even for small components. The solder paste is suitable for mini/microLED applications COB, COG, SMT, and other LED varieties.

The NC38HF is a part of Indium Corp’s pastes which promises a halogen-free solder paste which is also said to be a no-clean solder paste. The solder paste is designed for advanced LED applications, including COB, COG, SMT, and other LED varieties. The LEDPaste NC38HF provides excellent wetting performance along with good stencil print transfer capability which is suitable for a broad range of process requirements for mini led applications. Current MiniLEDs have a typical length of 240 microns, thus, having the capability of printing smaller sizes is essential. The NC38HP offers good printability down to 60-micron apertures

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LEDPaste NC38HF features:

  • Consistent and tight solder deposit spread across multiple prints and excellent response-to-pause characteristics.
  • Minimal voiding on tight-pitch components, ensuring joint strength on small components
    Industry-leading non-wet open (NWO) performance using superior oxidation barrier technology, enabling reduced solder ball and solder beading defects and enhanced graping performance.
  • Enhanced slump performance with minimal bridging during the assembly process, improving yields for tight-pitch components

About Indium Corporation
Indium Corporation is a materials refiner, smelter, manufacturer, and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. The company produces soldering compounds along with fluxes, brazes, thermal interface materials, sputtering targets, etc.


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