Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sensor With Detection Range Of Over 1000 Meters

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Eyeonic Vision sensors can allow vehicles to detect objects and accurately estimate their velocity beyond 1000 meters. 

The Eyeonic Vision sensor from SiLC Technologies, Inc. (SiLC) can identify objects at distances greater than 1 kilometre. This sensor integrates millimetre-level accuracy, depth and instantaneous velocity thus enabling the sensor to detect the distance, speed, and direction of any moving object. The Eyeonic Vision sensor can allow new capabilities for various machine vision applications such as autonomous cars, drones, etc. It can enable long-distance detection of objects, which can improve safety and allow faster path planning.

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Ultra-long-range visibility find usage in multiple industries that utilize machine vision, including automotive, metrology, construction, etc. The Eyeonic vision sensor employs SiLC’s silicon photonic chip which integrates FMCW LiDAR functionality into a single, tiny chip. Moreover, the Eyeonic Chip integrates all photonics functions needed to enable a coherent vision sensor, offering a tiny footprint while addressing the need for low-cost and low power.

According to the company, the Eyeonic Vision Sensor has demonstrated the ability to perceive, identify, and avoid objects at more than 1 kilometer range. The sensor is targeted for wide areas of applications including robotics, autonomous vehicles, biometrics, security, industrial automation, etc.

“Our technology platform is flexible enough to address ultra-long-range to ultra-short-range applications which speaks to our understanding of what is needed to truly make machine vision as good or better than human vision,” said Dr. Mehdi Asghari, SiLC’s CEO and founder. “The highly detailed, accurate instantaneous velocity and ultra-long-range information that our Eyeonic Vision Sensor provides is the key to helping robots classify and predict their environment – in the same way that the human eye and brain process together.”


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