Monday, June 24, 2024

Space Saving Motor Driver IC

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Toshiba’s TB67S549FTG motor driver ICs features an in-built constant-current control that enables high accuracy with lower power consumption and lower time to market.

TB67S549FTG from Toshiba is a stepping motor driver IC with built-in constant-current control. The motor IC driver can enable motor control without requiring any external circuit components. This feature can allow designers to develop compact current control stepper motors that can be employed in both industrial and automotive applications. The small size of IC and the requirement for external components reduces power consumption, BoM component and cost, thus simplifying the designing process.

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The TB67S549FTG supports motor power supply voltages from 4.5V to 33V, and has a current consumption of up to 1μA in sleep mode, making it widely used for 12V/24V power supply applications. This IC is rated for 40V and up to 1.5A and comes in a QFN24 package which allows for up to 64% of space-saving than the previous generation ICs. The device features multiple protection functions, including overcurrent detection, thermal shutdown, and under-voltage lockout. Furthermore, the internal monitoring circuitry for constant-current control does not need an external current sense resistor, and the charge-pump capacitor is also incorporated, thereby reducing circuit size and component count further.

The Motor Driver ICs can be used in various applications such as the movement control of surveillance cameras, and projectors. It can also be employed in applications requiring extremely high precision such as printers, automatic teller machines, money-changing machines, etc.


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