Monday, September 25, 2023

The Future Of Solder Resist Technology With Reflow 1.8

By Akanksha Sondhi Gaur

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A revolutionary phase where expert knowledge fuses with advanced technology, ensuring enhanced durability and safeguarding of printed circuit boards.

In a strategic move forward, Peters unveils its latest acquisition – the Reflow 1.8 soldering machine from SEHO, paving the way for quality and innovation in the solder resist technology. This machine aims to test the resilience and efficiency of high-end solder rigorously resists before they make their way to the clients.

The Reflow 1.8 machine is a quality assurance and forward-thinking investment, encapsulating a new era of technological prowess. This involves subjecting coated substrates and circuit boards to extreme temperature stress, simulating the conditions the coatings would undergo in industrial applications. It’s a stringent test of endurance, where only the most coatings survive, promising durability and protection for the respective PCBs(printed circuit boards).

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The performance of coatings under temperature stress speaks about their resilience. This machine helps to certify that the coatings are resistant and robust enough to guarantee long-lasting protection. Boosting its testing capabilities, the machine can heat the coated parts to 320° Celsius, utilising an array of ten radiators distributed over two levels. The indicators of the trial are clear – no cracks or colour alterations post the heat bath. This denotes creating special coating systems for electronics.

The company claims that the system represents an advancement for their R&D efforts. It aligns perfectly with their forward-thinking approach to meeting customer needs. The machine weighs 900 kilograms and spans 3.20×1.25 x1.60 meters. Its design occupies nearly half the space it would in a typical industrial setting. 


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