Sunday, June 16, 2024

NEW! Projects for Beginners, Advanced Users & More…

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Here’s some good news from team…

We analysed the queries we received on that chat and realised that one in five (20%) seek projects based on level of difficulty.

Some of YOU ask for projects for beginners, some for Intermediate level users, and then there are many who seek advanced projects for their engineering, R&D or product development projects.

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Happy to share, we have launched dedicated sections for the following types of projects:

  1. Beginner Level Projects: These projects are simple and can be attempted by those who are new to electronics and want to learn. CLICK HERE to view them.
  2. Intermediate Projects: These require a fair amount of knowledge in electronics. CLICK HERE to view them.
  3. Advanced Projects: They are highly complex projects that require a good amount of knowledge in hardware as well as software. CLICK HERE to view them.

You can find the categorization under the ‘Projects: User Level Wise’ category in the Projects (DIY) menu.



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