Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New Approach to Cyber Honeypot Tech To Deceive Intruders

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Australian researchers developed a cyber honeypot technology, DecaaS (Deception as a Service) which utilizes machine learning models to fabricate highly realistic fake versions of data and digital assets that allure hackers.

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The approach of using honeypots and cyber deception was developed to rapidly detect if people have broken into a system and intelligence about the intent, equipment, and processes that intruders are using is obtained.

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DecaaS (Deception as a Service) uses machine learning models to create pragmatic fake versions of data and digital assets that are attractive to hackers. This makes the hackers uncertain about the location of real computers, and data, while generating a small number of highly reliable indicators of intrusion. This model of groundbreaking technology has been developed by Australian students, researchers, and industry professionals. 

The project’s lead researcher, Dr. Kristen Moore of Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, explained that the DecaaS project team has created models to generate fake content and traffic, including code repositories, email servers, Wi-Fi traffic, and Wiki corpora, to create a convincing and appealing cyber honeypot. Hackers leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deception, and are getting far with it, so cyber security professionals must do the same, Dr. Moore said.

Penten, an Australian-owned cyber technology business, is the industry partner of CSIRO that develops AI tools that operate in this space & currently are generating inveigle documents, communications, and Wi-Fi access points, Wider range of deceptive assets, from fake users to web presence, and databases are enabled with this firm. AI and machine learning offer an opportunity to assist overwhelmed human defenders and speed up decision-making and response, as cyber threats increase in volume and sophistication. This is in addition to delivering more quick security in a way that was earlier not possible.

“We’ve taken a far more engaged approach with DecaaS, working directly with students and researchers. Greater engagement gave us more focused outcomes, directly applicable to Penten products and projects, as well as broader benefits in developing skills and capability in the ecosystem,” Mr. Liebowitz said.


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