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Twin-Technology Solar System With Energy to Power 753 Homes 24*7

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TTSS can produce 752,763 kWh of electricity per year with efficiency that corresponds to a 677 tons decrease in CO2 emissions. 

Researchers in Qatar and Jordan have proposed a system, named the Twin-Technology Solar System (TTSS), that ingeniously combines solar updraft and downdraft technologies in a single unit. This means it can work at night as-well-as at the daytime. TTSS consists of dual concentric inner and outer solar towers, turbines, water sprinklers, and a collector. 

The inner tower functions like a conventional solar updraft tower, heating air under the collector with solar irradiance, which then rises through the chimney driven by pressure differences. In contrast, the outer tower employs a downdraft mechanism, where water is sprayed onto hot ambient air at the top of the tower.

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This process causes the air to cool and descend rapidly, turning turbines at the base to generate electricity. Remarkably, this downdraft mode can operate both day and night, making TTSS a continuous electricity generator.

From Science Direct

A mathematical simulation model was developed to assess the performance of the TTSS, concentrating on energy and mass balance equations. The findings revealed that it produced 752,763 kWh of electricity per year, which is over twice the amount generated by a standard solar updraft system.

This amount of energy is sufficient to supply power to approximately 753 homes for around five weeks. It could keep 1,500 60-watt light bulbs running continuously for an entire year. This enhanced efficiency corresponds to a decrease in CO2 emissions, totaling 677 tons. 

The design of the TTSS is particularly advantageous for regions with hot and dry climates, like remote villages and deserts. The researchers intend to continue their work by exploring the integration of other technologies to further improve its performance in future studies.


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