Sunday, July 21, 2024

“Kusam-Meco” Industrial Infrared Thermometer Model IRL-180

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KUSAM-MECO has introduced a low cost low range Infrared Thermometer model IRL-180. It is suitable for both industrial & Human Body Temperature measurement. It is suitable for use in places where it is difficult for a normal temperature probe to reach or places where it is dangerous such as Heat Treatment furnace, High Voltage Panels, Kiln Temperature etc. The temperature unit is displayed in °C or degree F. An audible sound indication is given when the thermo meter is ready to take the reading. It has temperature range from 0°C to 180°C for industrial measurement & 32°C to 42°C for human body temperature measurement. The D:S ratio is 12:1. The Emissivity is fixed 0.95. The display is 1 inch LCD backlight display. Resolution is 0.1°C. It has memory for 32 readings. It has built in laser pointer. It operates on 9V Battery. It also has function of Auto Power off. The approx. weight is 155 grams. It is supplied with user manual, Battery & Gift box.


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