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13 Free eBooks On Electronics!

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Hardware engineers out there can not ignore the importance of learning electronics as a subject. From designing and programming chips and circuits to assembling, knowledge on electronics is a indispensable requisite! So here we bring to you a sorted collection of free electronics ebooks on semi-conductors, circuits, controllers and various other aspects of electronics. Enjoy!

1. Engineer’s Mini-Notebook: Formulas, Tables and Basic Circuits

Author/s: Forrest M. Mims III
Publisher: Radio Shack, 1993

This book includes standard application circuits and circuits designed by the author. Each circuit was assembled and tested as the book was developed. After the book was completed, the author reassembled each circuit to check for errors.

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2. Practical Electronics

Author/s: Wikibooks, 2012

The aim of this book is to teach you simple analogue and digital electronics at a practical level. By the end of this book, you should be able to combine circuit elements to create more complex circuits, and have an understanding of how it works.

3. Analog Circuits

Author/s: Yuping Wu (ed.)
Publisher: InTech, 2013

In this book, a new architecture for a SAR ADC is proposed to eliminate the process mismatches and minimize the errors. The automated system for a passive filter circuits design is presented with the local searching engaging…

4. Photodiodes: From Fundamentals to Applications

Author/s: Ilgu Yun
Publisher: InTech, 2012

This book represents recent progress and development of the photodiodes including the fundamental reviews and the specific applications developed by the authors themselves. The book is intended for graduate students, engineers, and researchers.

5. Electronics

Author/s: Wikibooks
Publisher: Wikibooks, 2012

The aim of this textbook is to explain the design and function of electronic circuits and components. The text covers electronic circuit components, DC analysis, and AC analysis. It should be useful to hobbyists as well as engineering students.

6. Digital Circuits

Author/s: Wikibooks
Publisher: Wikibooks, 2012

This book will serve as an introduction to Digital Circuits. It will rely heavily on the concepts of Discrete Math, but will not require any previous knowledge of the subject because all necessary math concepts will be developed in the text.

7. Introduction to Physical Electronics

Author/s: Bill Wilson
Publisher: Connexions, 2010

An introduction to solid state device, transmission lines and propagating electromagnetic waves. Contents: Conductors, Semiconductors and Diodes; Bipolar Transistors; FETs; IC Manufacturing; Transmission Lines; AC Steady-State Transmission.

8. Advances in Solid State Circuit Technologies

Author/s: Paul K Chu
Publisher: InTech, 2010

This book describes the current status of important topics in solid-state circuit technologies. The chapters are grouped under the following categories: general information, circuits and devices, materials, and characterization techniques.

9. Circuit Analysis

Author/s: John E. Whitehouse
Publisher: Horwood Publishing Limited, 1997

Contents: Network Equations; Network Theorems; Networks with Inductors and Capacitors; Network Analysis using Phasors; The Laplace Transform in Network Analysis; The Fourier Series and Fourier Transform; The Frequency Response of Networks; etc.

10. Principles of Semiconductor Devices

Author/s: Bart Van Zeghbroeck, 2007

This book explores the behavior of semiconductor devices, to show the relation between the device material parameters, and the resulting electrical characteristics. The text provides the link between the physics and the design of electronic circuits.

11. Socratic Electronics

Author/s: Tony R. Kuphaldt, 2008

Questions and answers about electronics covering several topics: basic electricity, simple circuits, Ohm’s Law, op-amps. A tested way of centering instruction around students is to teach by asking questions, generally called the ‘Socratic method’.

12. Lessons In Electric Circuits

Author/s: Tony R. Kuphaldt
Publisher:, 2008

The goal was to put readable, high-quality information of industrial electronics into the hands of students. The book was written without delving too heavy on the math, while still maintaining a lot of important information.

13. OrCAD PSpice A/D Reference Manual

Author/s: OrCAD, 1998

This manual is the reference needed when working with special circuit analyses in PSpice A/D. It covers detailed command descriptions, definitions of start-up option, and a list of supported devices in the digital and analog device libraries.

Let us know if these free electronics ebooks helped you out in the comments below. If you are looking for something else, check out some cool stuff.

This article was first published on 23 September 2017 and was recently updated on 7 April 2022.



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